Blame Me

Who am I
to which you blame?
Have I not
helped you in every way I can?
And now you
accuse me of abuse.
That which you
have done to me all along.
And now I
am stricken with despair.
What am I
to do… you lie and cheat.
And all I
can do is sit and weep.
When it was
I who helped you all along.
Now I know
the truth you tried so hard to hide.
I hate you!
I hate you!
I hate you
and I shall never see your face again.

One Comment

  • Teddy P

    It sounds like turning the other way is a better direction for the speaker in this scenario. Why would we stick with toxic people who continuously blame us anyway? Ah, what a world. I guess that’s how we learn the people who are truly meant to be stay with us til the end.

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