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22 thoughts on “Blenheim Covered Bridge

  1. I had never seen a covered bridge before, I don´t think we have one like that in my country. The picture looks very vintage, I love it.

  2. The title says Bridge but it seems more like a hallway to me. The term blenheim sounds like it comes off from Myths & Legend. As in Thor and the byfrost bridge.

  3. I do believe this bridge is mainly used by people not by carriages. I really like the way the bridge is maintained. I do hope more people will be able to see such beauty.

  4. I love this, bridge with a shed overhead, this shows is a pedestrian bridge. I love this, I hope its properly maintained.

  5. The Blenheim-covered-bridge does not look like a bridge but what I saw here is a house. Its my first time seeing such a bridge like this. I have seen a lot of long bridges but never had a cover. Anyway the photo looks very amazing and tempting to step on there for sight seeing.

  6. What a beautiful bridge, it is the first time I see a bridge with a roof, the wood they used to make it is very good.

  7. I’ve never seen a covered wooden bridge like this before. Must have been godsend to people without umbrellas and it was heavily raining way back when it was still in use.

  8. This bridge needs to be maintained often because it’s made of wood. Though the structure looks lovely and unique

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