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Blogging And The Preservation Of The Human Experience

When I think about what life was like before the Internet, and long before the concept of blogging was introduced, I seem to recall thoughts and images from my childhood, now lost to the ravages of time, and without many photos or notes.  Sadly, most of my younger years, I was more concerned about having fun than recording my life experiences.

I am also reminded of my fathers best friend Arturo.  A man who my father had been friends with for an excess of 30 or more years, and a man who meticulously recorded every last detail about his daily life in a notebook he carried everywhere in his pocket.  Then, at the end of the day, he would transfer the notes to his computer, or read them onto a cassette tape.

He died unexpectedly after falling into a coma following a car accident.  I remember my father and I visiting him in the hospital almost every day for a month.  My father stoically refused to lose hope in the chance that a miracle might save his best friends life.  Sadly, however, the trauma was to great, and he never woke up.  His son made the ultimate decision to end life support.  It was a great loss to me as Arturo was a person I looked up to, and a person who taught me pretty much everything I know about traditional photography.

For whatever reason, Arturo’s son, Patrick never understood or appreciated his father for his accomplishments or mere existence for that matter.  After Arturo passed away, I knew of the volumes of computer disks, notebooks, and cassette tapes Arturo had amassed over the years, and I made it my mission to see that these were preserved.  Unfortunately, his son Patrick had sole control over the estate and saw to it that these very items I was intending to preserve were destroyed immediately, and along with this senseless destruction, volumes of information about the Manhattan Project, his extremely successful career in Science, and very important details about his life experience were lost forever.

It makes me wonder what might have been the case if Arturo had changed his methods with the changing times and accepted blogging and posting on the Internet, had it become available 10 years earlier, and more importantly, what if anything could have been saved from destruction.

This ideal of preservation of my life experience along with the rich content I have created (photographs, video, audio recordings, etc.) by posting it on the Internet is what inspires me to blog obsessively, even if the writing originated elsewhere.

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