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Bottle Tree

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11 responses to “Bottle Tree”

  1. I giggle s bit with this picture.The tree is ok but what is with the bottle. Could this be about recycling??

  2. I really like the arrangement of this bottle tree. It’s good to be creative, especially if you’re lacking on real tree tangibles. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I used to this at school. Not only does it keep the grounds clean but I can make a bit of money too. Scrap shops are a thing here and they accept these for resell or recycling. Those were the days.

  4. can we called this tree of life with some bottles to live on with. I don’t know but this is really artistic to me.

  5. A very eclectic and interesting collection of bottles one can use as a decorative piece to adorn a living room, or any kind of room in the house if it’s cleaned and washed and assembled properly. I can definitely imagine the rainbow of different hues it would have if I put it in our living room filled with sunlight.

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