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Buffalo Southern Railroad 107

September 2020

20 responses to “Buffalo Southern Railroad 107”

  1. The condition of this locomotive is so poorly maintained. The background and colors in the image help a little to make this locomotive image look attractive.

  2. Is this the same as the previous train just with hue? If it is then it is in bad shape. However, I think it could still run? Nothing some maintenance wont fix. And oh add a new paint job in there to make it look the part.

  3. So sorry for the management of this damaged train. I believe if revisited will have a new look. Nice post from you Tom.

  4. Wow, this is the mother of trains in Buffalo. Many of the modern trains that runs today were the product of the older ones. I am happy to see the train still intact and hopefully, functioning too.

  5. Wow, the train looks very old but full of memories, I wish this time of elements that talk about the story of a place could be restored ad preserved for next generations.

  6. Well, there seems to be little resemblance to the locomotive in the previous post. However, it can be seen clearly that this old locomotive is not well maintained.

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