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Burk Uzzle Quote


“Photography is a love affair with life.” —Burk Uzzle

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  1. It looks like an image of an inquisitive person. The best thing is that he is so cheerful and contented.

  2. It seems I agree with this quote. Especially if you always bring your camera and take pictures of things that make you amazed but on the contrary things that may be underestimated by others.

  3. A good connection between the photographer and his/her subject is very important. I think this is what the quote means.

  4. Photography brings out peoples untold words. Even when people think you are crazy, you find fulfilment and love in shooting and snapping

  5. Great way to define photography… al those memories eternally captured who last even longer than the people pictured.

  6. Photography is a great connection of a photographer to his/her subject. Not everyone is gifted with creative eyes.

  7. Anyone that loves photography by extension loves life. They are basically in love with life.

  8. Photography is one of the few things that you can master without studying it. All you need to do is have a passion and enjoy taking pictures, your smile will reflect unto the pictures.

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