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Can’t Bribe The Door On The Way To The Sky

Can't Bribe The Door On The Way To The Sky

November 2019

11 responses to “Can’t Bribe The Door On The Way To The Sky”

  1. Being think of what this picture denotes but couldn’t just come to one. Is it an office box with a transparent floor or what? I love the black and white; a fan

  2. I just like the black and white edit, it gives it a vintage looks, though I’m not really sure of what the photo is. But it still good.

  3. What is this? Looks scary to me … like someone wearing a dark robe and the reflection of the lights in the glass in the picture, has become perfect in mystery!

  4. I really like the shapes and figures in this shot. Very dynamic and artistic alignment. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I certainly agree to this statement. One must always choose to be kind to people and only then will the door to the sky of whichever you believe in will open up for you.

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