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Category: Random Thoughts

  • Ambulance

    This is one of my childhood toys that currently sits on my dining room table. When I was a little girl, I told my parents that one day, I’d drive one of these. At the time, they didn’t know what to say. Years later, I did just that in New York City and Long Island.…

  • Sarcasm

    Sarcasm isn’t about being rude, but rather a subtle humorous insult rooted in intelligence.

  • Unnecessary Quotation Marks

    I get annoyed when people use quotation marks unnecessarily, especially on signage. For example, I recently saw a sign that stated that the shop closes every day at, “9:00 PM”.  So either they meant closing time was figurative, or they were quoting from another sign.

  • How Movie Characters Cheat And Escape From Certain Death

  • Detectives

    Why is it that detective movies and television shows are always filmed in industrial areas?

  • Alien Abduction

    If aliens are of a higher intelligence, why do they always abduct the dumbest people?

  • Dumbing-Down

    There is an intentional dumbing-down of American society, as evidenced by manufacturers being forced to print instructions on the backs of shampoo bottles.

  • Snow Globes

    I never ever understood the point of snow globes. It’s always the same thing, time and time again. Unbelievable flooding followed by a snowstorm.

  • Stupid People

    Just when I thought I’ve seen my share of the stupidest people on the planet, someone comes along to top the level of stupidity.

  • Handicapped Accessible

    Only in America do the disabled get the closest parking spots and the furthest away toilets.