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Category: Random Thoughts

  • Airports

    Airline travel used to be fun until one day when the airlines thought that it would be a great idea instead of taking people directly to where they needed to go, they instead make a few unnecessary stops along the way.

  • My Autobiography

    If ever wrote an autobiography, the title would be The Misunderstood Child.

  • Snow White And The Seven Dwarves

    According to Snow White, 1 out of 7 dwarves isn’t happy.

  • Pancakes

    I have a system for everything. I even have a system for pancakes. I make sure that the top pancake gets the same amount of butter and syrup as the bottom one.

  • Superman

    Superman never made any money saving the world from Solomon Grundy.

  • Telemarketers

    Telemarketers are the ones that keep the HELL in hello.

  • Pirate Shirts

  • Humans On Mars

    As soon as humans successfully colonize Mars, it’s inevitable that someone will produce a reality television show.

  • Electrical Outlets

    American electrical outlets look like little faces.

  • Desire

    Why is it that when we want something, it grows into an obsessive desire until we obtain it, at which point it no longer matters?