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    BedroomAlmost 4 AM on a ThursdayContentHalf crazy, half awakeHalf my life spent in half costume never really living I can be a heroI can be a friendI can be a loverI can hide the pain, feature the triumphs, and forget the failures I married a girlI dress girlI live girlI am girl Authentic. Rehearse a dialogWrite a poemWrite all nightWatch the sunrise I like you, I love you, I adore every facet of you.I’ve seen your highs, your lows, every emotion of you.Together and apart.I know you.I see the real you.Look, the sky, the ground, the river, the sun, the moon.Girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl.Naked, and…

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    I am a webmaster; harder for me to believe than for you. Long and lonely hours in front of my computer. Writing Java, HTML, even E-Mail, chat rooms, hyperlinks and more. Such a technological and ever advancing job it is; working at society’s golden age of computer technology. The net so powerful even I succumb to the many hours of website design. Alas, I am but an artist displaying my work for all of the world to see and read.

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    Waterfall’s Fury

    A waterfall surrounded by large rocks; who would dare to venture too close? Only to be swept away by the dangerous yet beautiful fury of rushing waters. I myself venture here. Alas, I merely sit among the rocks just beyond the water’s reach. So close to the rushing waters yet totally safe among the rocks. Still I am anything but safe; I am still left vulnerable to the rushing waters of life.

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    The Virtual Me

    We’re so far away, but I am here to stay. It’s the virtual me. We’re always on-line at just the right time. We sit and we chat; typed messages lacking emotion travel this way and that. We shall never call or meet, send only E-Mail from our seats. How I long to kiss your lips and feel your touch. I cannot. It’s the virtual me; I don’t support that much.

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    The Tree Of Life

    If life were but a tree the world would finally be as one. Past generations leave their legendary mark among the branches; leaves as people, branches united and known to everyone. Bark surrounds their tiny world; respected and cherished by everyone. Eventually, people would die and fall away; their proud existence known to everyone.