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March 2017

12 responses to “Cerulean”

  1. Very true to its name and perfect shot placement for viewers to appreciate the snow and the natural finesse. Excellent picture. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice shot! I would definitely visit this place if I’m nearby. I would wear my favorite boots and trench coat.

  3. Oh yea, cerulean it is. Snowy, wooden and abandoned structure. The inside will be so cold I suppose.

  4. Its a perfect contrast of the deep-blue sky in the background and the white color in the foreground. Great shot.

  5. Cool output Tom, as always. It’s a picture taken during winter… the winter even while I always fall sick

  6. Clean picture, calm atmosphere around it. And a little unique, with airplane footprints in the blue sky.

  7. You took out time as usual to give a good shot, this is really looking great. The color of the sky gave it a complete look.

  8. Interesting that you were able to capture the white trailing of the plane in the sky. We used to love that when we were kids.

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