May 2018

18 thoughts on “Chances Are

  1. There really is always a chance that life will always find a way to bloom again even in the most desperate situations. One should not lose hope whatever it takes.

  2. The caption goes well with the photo. Though the tree seem almost dead but if given the chance it can live again. Nice caption.

  3. Reviving means giving the chances to stay again. There is every probability of its survivals if considered. Nice and clean photography work. TOM, how long have yiu been on photography job?. Thanks for this post.

  4. Hmm, what chances does this tree have? Just like humans we hope to have chances to be better or live a better life. Who knows the tree might just have another chance to live.

  5. It almost looks like a hand reaching into heaven or to someone. I do not know if this tree is still alive but if it is it will be back again. It is just recovering from damage I suppose.

  6. Chances are; there’s an opportunity to re-grow yourself back, it doesn’t matter the previous history a clean slate.

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