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Church Street

October 2020

22 responses to “Church Street”

  1. Whaooo, this place looks like the stress name sounds. It must be a place of peace to some extent.

  2. That is a beautiful picture of Church Street. The perspective is so vivid. I can literally see myself taking a walk down that street.

  3. Wow this church is just looking so beautiful. Then again it may take time for it to resume. To be honest I do not like going to church but hey I appreciate it for being there. No matter what form it takes.

  4. Wow, that picture is amazing, there’s a perfect balance of colors contrasts, the topic, the clarity of the picture… everything looks perfect.

  5. This is so pretty! I really would imagine myself walking through that street, and admiring that one view all day long.

  6. wow, the church itself is so beautiful and lovely. I really would like to visit that place soon.

  7. Church streets are always a busy time at the end of the year because of Christmas. I have missed church.

  8. I love the centered shot and how the clock tower is perfectly positioned. The trees and host of people add strong essence to the photo.

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