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Cold Brew Coffee Adventures


The latest trend in coffee is brewing it cold, better known as cold brew coffee.  After reading through a bunch of blog posts, I decided to give it a try.

But before I talk about that, I want to be clear that I have tried all kinds of different coffee, and methods of preparing it.  Here is the low-down on different coffee brew methods I have tried.

Latte, cappuccino, mocha, drip-brew coffee, French press coffee, frozen coffee, iced coffee, and of course, cheap $1 any size coffee from the McDonald’s drive through, as well as instant coffee.  To me, there is nothing better, or more refreshing than a good old serving of coffee, hot or cold, big or small, when it comes to coffee, I love them all.

Some might say Angie says that I am flat-out addicted to coffee. But the desire for coffee goes far and beyond addiction.  For me, my love for coffee is more complex.

(Found circulating the internet, while drinking coffee.)
(Found circulating the Internet, while drinking coffee.)

First of all, I like the smell of coffee, especially when it’s grinding.  I almost never buy pre-ground coffee in bags because by doing so, one of the many joys of coffee has already been experienced by someone else.  It’s also generally more fresh if you grind it yourself.

Secondly, its fun to make coffee.  With all the different methods of brewing and preparing coffee, it still remains one of the very few things I can actually make, successfully, in a kitchen!

Third, the coffee culture is great.  Filled with fellow writers, intellectuals, and other oddballs who frequently spend a lot of time in coffee venues.

Finally, the effect of coffee.  Drink coffee and you’re more productive, happy, and awake.  Drink too much, and you’ll feel like you’re a rocket ship just waiting for blast-off.  (Your results may vary).

Mr. Coffee is a company that makes household automatic brew coffee makers, not a real person.

With all these facets, brands, and choices when it comes to coffee, I came across a new trend in coffee called Cold Brew Coffee.  Instead of using hot water or steam to brew your coffee, you instead use cold or room-temperature water to brew your coffee, using a French press, for example.

Cold Brew Coffee - French Press

I decided to give it a try.  I took my French press coffee maker out of the cupboard and brewed my coffee using room-temperature water.  The key is to let the coffee brew for an extended period of time.  Generally, when I’m craving coffee, the time it takes for the drip coffee maker to fill up the decanter can sometimes seem like an eternity.  To cold brew coffee requires a reckless, almost impossible 8 to 12 hours of brew time.

While my cold-brew coffee was brewing, I took an afternoon nap.  Then I looked for something to do to keep me busy; anything…  So I ended up watching some mindless television shows.  Then I eventually gave up trying to find something else besides television to occupy my time (including Angry Birds), and went to bed.

In the morning, just short of 12 hours, I poured myself a cup of cold brew coffee….  And it was TERRIBLE.  Not only was it weak, lacking in flavor, and disgusting, it tasted more like room-temperature coffee-flavored water.  Thanks Internet, but I’ll stick to traditional ways of brewing coffee, all of which involve hot water.  Not one to waste even a lousy batch of coffee, I took one for the team, and drank it all.  Then I brewed a pot of hot coffee in an effort to put all of the memories of the cold brew coffee behind me.


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