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March 2017

18 responses to “Collapse”

  1. It looks like there’s a strong earthquake. I know with a little cleaning and repair, it can always be restored.

  2. This place impresses me a lot, I get the feeling that there was an earthquake or the worst thing that there was a family conflict in which they destroyed the place.

  3. This is an understatement? As if an earthquake just hit and everything is down. Reminds me of a recent calamity that hit my area. Fortunately, it was not that strong.

  4. How did this place get this bad, I’m wondering what when wrong with it to be in this shambles. This is looking rough.

  5. This place looks bad in this photo, maybe because it’s at night. But strangely, the condition of the television and sofa still looks good to me.

  6. Everything has collapsed maybe because the house was abandoned. I would love that couch though. It looks good.

  7. The picture looks very minimalist. I like the black and white effect, though I didn’t understand the topic.

  8. Looks like a hurricane or a break-in went down. The black and white definitely matches the solemn tone of the shot. There needs to be a refurbished resurgence to bring light and colour back into this room.

  9. Everything will eventually collapse one day, especially an abandoned house with rooms left to be destroyed by the passage of time. t is kind of unusual to see a TV and a chair that looks almost as if they are both untouched by time and only need minor repair work.

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