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Completely Meaningless

Completely Meaningless

December 2019

21 responses to “Completely Meaningless”

    • How I wish I can do some relaxation like this on this holiday season. Too bad, my company don’t give us paid leaves.

  1. I would definitely grab some beers and lit my cigar while sitting here next to my favorite someone. I would set up a place like this on my back yard.

  2. It seems to me a quiet and simple place for my taste, but unseen, to do something unusual something without much etiquette.

  3. It depends on how look at it. I mean sure it may not have meaning to some but at least for me I can rest. After all a chair is in there. A matter of perspective.

  4. I think the chairs can still be refurbished, so it’s not meaningless to me. The trashcans are no meaningless either 😀

  5. For those that needs only good things this might be meaningless but if I can sit on that, then I will be good with it.

  6. Time has turned these plants into meaningless. But it seems like someone once had value for the that’s why they planted them.

  7. It just needs a little touch to make it look okay to me. I can’t see “Completely Meaningless” in this picture, certainly it depends on each person’s view.

  8. I don’t think the above items can be salvage, it seems there are all bad. And if so then, there have all become meaingless.

  9. What rendered this meaningless I have no idea. It seems that in the beginning the owner must have had so much interests to plant those plants in those drums.

  10. You definitely have an eye for the mundane and the obscure. I think the empty chairs really symbolize a meaningless aura devoid of humans or expression. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Nothing is entirely meaningless. People can still find use for things that other people have thrown away as trash, and turn that trash into treasure one can use. The peeling paint and the burnt marks on the drums can still be probably remedied and the chairs just need new wood for it to be reused as they are.

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