HLS - The Letters Of Harvey L. Slatin

November 24, 1991

Hey, they’re, Udo!–

Just received the enclosed computer advisories solicited in response to your last letter. The comments on the page with part of your letter xeroxed at the top are from my MD-son-in-law, who is highly but not widely informed. (which he acknowledges.) But some of what he wrote may be useful.

The two hand-lettered pages are by my USAF computer guru stepson, who got the information from five (count ’em!) five national experts who are under contract to IBM (as he is). He says this is the most current and best advice you could get anywhere.

Hope all of this is helpful. I will not comment on any of it because I am country boy as knows very little about big city machinery specially that works on lectricity.

Santa Fe enclosure: is your house on Canyon Road in this photo? I’m not sure what part of Canyon Road is shown. You may recognize the locale right off.

Will send photo of Lukenbill as soon as The Bee runs another one. They may be mad at him. No stories or photos for a long time. Pretty sure he’s not in prison.

Thanks for enclosures about deconstruction, neighborhood watch, and Hootnanny. She mentions “Frank Calcaterra.” Mary went to the top specialist in the U.S. at UCLA to put a stop to a persistent cough that developed from Asiatic Flu. His name was Calcaterra. He said nothing could be done. On the strength of that, I recommend that you do not enlist Frank Calcaterra in your Neighborhood Watch. Especially if he has a cough.

We are disturbed about the news on Thomas. The two bullies who beat him must be well known, and if they keep harassing him, you must have some kind of legal resource. It doesn’t sound as if they are just playing, especially since he had to be hospitalized. Thomas is not the kind to create trouble, so the initiative had to come from them. Two against one. It sounds like one of those “Wilding” episodes in Central Park. We hope the harassment has let up, and he has recovered. Is it possible that their parents put them up to it because of political differences with Anne and you?

Such things have happened.

Now to the mailbox with this. Next Valley Voice in work.

Regards to Anne and Thomas.

Fred C. (“Bottom Banana”) Dobbs

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