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Country Village

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Update!  This building was demolished on the morning of Saturday November 3, 2012.

14 responses to “Country Village”

  1. A great collection that one can find in a country village. It would take a person with an eye for unique things to notice such things though.

  2. I feel so nostalgic looking at these photos. And best believe it’s not just the black and white hues.

  3. Yea, that really depicts a country village with all the items in it. This is a rare photo I must admit.

  4. I guess this is a village left in ruins.. It has seen better days though…great shot

  5. This is definitely one country home. I remember years we used to have a structure like this as our family house. Times have changed.

  6. Looks like a ghost town!!! Why do you always pick these as subjects? Do you find beauty in them?

  7. Its great that you took photos of this building before it was demolished. They will be a memorial for the future generation who may be interested.

  8. Such scene are almost becoming extinct these days.Its a good job that you took this photo for the net generation to have an idea of how country village used to look like.

  9. I wonder what happened to this place to make it look so decapitated. I sure hope no one was harmed.

  10. This country village would make for a great scene in a horror movie. The place has such an eerie feel to it.

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