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Craig D. Lounsbrough Quote

Craig D. Lounsbrough

“It is no secret that the greatest treasures are found in the most remote, inaccessible and difficult places where we must pursue them with great energy and even greater risk. It’s the same with our lives.”–Craig D. Lounsbrough

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  1. I agree and believe with this quote. Just like when you find something that you love to do, you will pursue them with great energy. Thank you for the awesome quote.

  2. This is right good things can be found in very odd places. We always have to pursue it with vigor to achieve it

  3. I agree most times it aint about the destination is about the journey. Words to live by but for me it is important to appreciate both ha ha.

  4. The greater the challenge the better the reward. Always remember that there is no dream that is easy to achieve.

  5. I totally agree, nothing valuable is easy to get, that’s why we need to constantly automotive ourselves to get those treasures.

  6. Certainly, we even find love in hopeless places so it is with a lot of good things we need in life. we will always find it in odd places

  7. As with most things, a valuable thing has to be worked for. The quote encourages us to work for what we want.

  8. In my opinion this quote serves to remind us that no good thing comes without a struggle. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  9. If something is too easy to find, it probably isn’t worth much. This is true for all spheres of our lives.

  10. We all ought to strive to model our lives to live by these words. That way we will always know how to value that which is most important.

  11. I agree with this sentiment. The payoff for great adventures is always worth it. Taking risks is always an exciting rush as well.

  12. Most of the people now a days loves adventures because it always gives benefit to health lifestyle. Sometimes adventures seems dangerous but we need to explore and learn anything for it.

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