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Creepy Wooden Dummy


May 2015

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21 responses to “Creepy Wooden Dummy”

  1. Wow, really creepy wooden dummy! Love his Hawaiian t-shirt though. He definitely steals the shot and is a camera fiend!

  2. If this is morning then it is fine. Come nighttime its different. When it comes to dolls they tend to be creepy for some reason. More so a huge one such as this.

  3. Ahahahah, when I saw the title, I was abit sceptical to check, not as creepy as I suppose. Nice colour choice guy

  4. If I see this at night especially in the dark, I will run for my life. Sweet caption Thomas, you are the best

  5. I would love to have this in the terrace and also before the front door. This will really scare people at night.

  6. Stunning, extremely frightening wooden dummy! Love his Hawaiian shirt, however. He certainly captures everyone’s attention.

  7. I find it amusing that the dummy was even clothed. A lot of work must have gone into this.

  8. It’s impressive that the dummy has a mechanical hand that can move. It is very good craftsmanship.

  9. Something about this dummy is very unnerving. I agree with you though, it is kind of creepy.

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