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May 2017

20 responses to “Crumbling”

  1. What a beautiful and cool looking wooden structure. It was a very nice capture

  2. The passage of time can be very unforgiving and it will eventually find anyone or anything in its callous grasp. This is such a perfect shot capturing that aspect of time itself.

  3. Something needs to be done and done urgently. Otherwise this house will fall apart very soon.

  4. Any house after many years do crumble. Even the brick and stone houses do. Everything crumbles through time.

  5. Just as the title says, crumbling. It will crumble to the ground if not renovated.

  6. The house is in its early stages of crumbling. But I believe if something is done very fast it might just get saved.

  7. I Liked the picture, I’m wondering how do you find this places, where i live is hard to find abandoned places like this one.

  8. Definitely I see this house crumbling in no distance time.Great shot you too before it finally crumbles.

  9. The crumbling of this house is inevitable. It’s actually a health hazard at this point.

  10. This is what happens when you fail to properly maintain your house. Such an expensive loss 🙁

  11. Abandoned houses everywhere that needs a retouched or it will just collapse. It shot still looks good.

  12. This house is really big. I wonder how many rooms are there but scary to live there.

  13. The title seems accurate. I feel like I could huff and puff and blow this house down. I think it is due for some renovations.

  14. Slow by slow as the rain hits. Pieces get off with time. What was beauty turns into wrecks.

  15. The house seems it must have been looking so good when it was in good shape. Now it’s old and one is even scared of going near it, just in case it falls on you.

  16. Great picture and caption i really love it. Especially since the caption is literal in that the house looks like it would crumble anytime.

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