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Curious Horse (Black And White Edit)

August 2018

Curious Horse

17 responses to “Curious Horse (Black And White Edit)”

  1. This is a lovely shot of a horse head. The black and white color makes it look so different because I mostly view it in colored.

  2. I bet the horse is as curious at the camera as it is as curious of you. Quite a winning combination especially if you were setting out to get a really good picture of any kind of animal or insect, to capture their mood or action in that still moment of time.

  3. Horse symbolize strength here in my country. I can see the strength in your post. Nice and great photography work.

  4. Just wondering what the horse could be curious of, I like the white and black used. It add to the photograph.

  5. It looks like he is curious about something. Perhaps food? Good shot but it could be better with color than being dark.

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