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Dark Nights And Fast Cars

Why walk
when you can drive?
The music blasting
only makes me crazy.
It’s the way
you like to drive.
You show me
another side of life.
It’s unlike the
life of the South.
That is not
how you drive.
You whisk us away;
down crowded streets
on a Saturday night.
Right through
changing lights,
and stop signs;
nothing will
slow you down.
Pick up
some hair dye,
then leave me
at my block.
some place
familiar to me;
another unusual experience
for me to write down.

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  • Jane Dawson

    When I like to cool off my mind from a long day, I usually take a nightly drive to the mountainous part of our town just to see how the city shines from down under. I have found my peace in doing that. Haha, I guess some people take a walk and some people take a drive!

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