Dear Dad

  • June 19, 2016

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In Loving Memory Of Robert Conklin
April 26, 1951 – January 28, 2016

Dear Dad,

You taught me so much about life that I find myself thinking more and more each day about my future! You were my role model, I always thought if I wanted to be anyone I would love to be just like my dad.  I can’t think of one thing you really didn’t do, as I’m sure there were some, but I didn’t notice because you were the greatest in my eyes.  We all say that, I’m sure, but you truly were. As I grow older, I try to put your words of advice into great use.  I try to hold on to that part of you so that I can stay a strong person. I always remember you, as smart as can be.  When things needed to be done, you made sure of it.  You were stubborn as well, though caring and warm. You had one of the biggest hearts, and would do just about anything for anyone, and you knew how to love.

Dad, there are days when I feel myself pause to take a second to breathe.  I have good days, and bad days, just as you said I would.  Dad you were my world.  You showed me courage, you helped me believe in myself even when I stopped believing. Dad, I love you for being the best daddy and father.  For loving me no matter what mistakes I made, and for helping me reach for the stars when they were to far to touch.

You will always be my friend, my hero, my dad.

A warm smile
A happy conversation
The best advice
You were always there
now in my dreams
Beside me I feel your spirit
You’re loving kindness
My hero
Your heart…I will miss most
Spread your wings
Your pain is no more
I will walk down that aisle
With you by my side as you cover me
With strength, the will to go on
You are never to far my angel
Right here
The cool breeze, on a winters day
I feel your warmth, beneath the spring sun
The sound of the songbird
The twinkle of a star in the night sky
The bloom of a flower making its entrance
The flight of an eagle against the clouds
I’ll never be alone
You are still here in all that you loved

Love you daddy!

I miss you!

Till I see you again,
Happy Father’s Day!

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2 Comments on Dear Dad

  • Amy says:
    June 19, 2016 at 8:42 PM

    Dearest Angie,
    You have been in my thoughts today, and now I come across this beautiful tribute!

    You are amazing and a superb writer! All our love to you! Talk soon!❤
    Love, Amy


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