October 2015

15 thoughts on “Decadence

  1. This may sound weird but what does it mean? Looking at the pics though It is a mess. All things inside must be replaced. The outside looks decent but maybe you can repaint it? Good shot.

  2. This is unpleasant to the eyes, when so much rot. I doubt this can be remedied but you took a good shot Tom.

  3. Really looks decade but cool though. The pictures are unique with the right choice of colour. I love it

  4. The house really looks like something from one of those old architecture appreciation kind of magazines. The rooms inside have definitely seen better days, and the previous occupants have had a fascination with Alf. I remember watching that show when I was a little girl. It was a really awesome humorous show.

  5. Can you see life?. Then it would be the best house, no its been refer to a decade house (old fashioned). Thanks for this memorable photographs.

  6. The structure is in it’s old days and must have been destroyed gradually throughout the years. Still a lovely shot.

  7. It’s like the owners of the house were in such a hurry to leave. They must have been running away from something.

  8. Way to bring back Alf! I love the grimy atmosphere and green aura. The fact that this house is out in the woods makes it all the more haunting.

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