28 Jan 1987

Hey, there, Udo!–


1- Received today the following:
a- One letter dated 15 December 1986.
b- One Christmas card executed by computer graphics, conveying the following message:

“Merry Christmas Happy New Year”

The Slatin Clan
Thomas Anne Harvey
1 dog 2 cats 1 parrot 1 beebe
About 17 to 23 finches, 1 mustached parakeet
and 5 cockatiels

2- Further Bewilderment

1- Letter is exact duplicate of letter received here earlier and begins:

“I figured out how some of my letters get to you without being cancelled.” Etc.

2- Replied, on 30 Dec 1986, to your last letter (postmarked 17 December) which enclosed a Christmas card (not the computerized card), and was the original of the one received today (if you can follow that syntax).

3- Full Confession

I confess to having no idea what is going on. The letter received today carried the wrong zip code, but it had been crossed out (possibly by the Post Office). In any case, a wrong zip should not delay a letter by six weeks, expecially since it was otherwise addressed correctly.

4- Conclusion

The only conclusion I can reach is that There Are Forces At Work Over Which We Have No Control.

That is hardly reassuring, but no other explanation offers itself.

Nervously yours,
Fred C. (“Worried”) Dobbs

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