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Did you ever have your own ‘special place’ as a child?

Did you ever have your own ‘special place’ as a child?

22 responses to “Did you ever have your own ‘special place’ as a child?”

  1. Yes, I had my special place in the house where I lived my childhood. there was a place where i loved to play, read and imagine things.

  2. Yes that would be the arcade. I always loved video games even up to now. Arcades are long gone though but those were the days. I even cut school for it ha ha.

  3. Well, for space like a room no I didn’t. I was sharing a space with my other siblings which I like for bonding. But I had a good space in my mum heart

  4. My cousin’s farm was pretty spectacular. I would climb haystacks, pet his cows and ride around in his golf kart. It was definitely special a haven for any kid.

  5. My own special place is probably under the mango tree. The cold breeze of the air. The shade beneath it and especially the memories that the place held.

  6. Unfortunately I had a troubled childhood. I didn’t have much time to even have a special place.

  7. I think my special place was anywhere that I was alone. That was when I could really think in peace.

  8. Yes, I had a favorite place which I remember was located behind the house, it was on the other side passing the stream that crossed behind my house, I remember it as if it were today.

  9. My bedroom has always been my special place ever since I was a child. In it, I could read books and write stuff, and nobody really ever comes to bother me unless it’s time to do things like eat and bathe.

  10. Wow, this brings memories. Well for place like a room, yes I did and this place was equipped with special toys just for me. I missed those days.

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