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November 2, 1991

Hey. they’re, Udo!–

The latest Valley Voice finally went to press. I know you have been on pins and needles. Now you can learn what’s been going on in Stamford during the last two months. Stamford is obviously Where It’s At.

We had a pretty substantial rain here for about a day and a half, and The Bee is of course unhappy about it because now they can’t use their “DISASTER IMPENDS” headline to screech water conservation. But The Bee never gives up gracefully. The adjacent out on rainfall shows how they fight their rearguard action. You will notice on close inspection that our 1.28″ “to date” graph bar is Smaller than the .28″ for last season to date, and far below the 1.39″ normal for the season. Got to give those gutsy kids credit for trying.

Cold weather has finally set in here, at least after sundown. We are into the low forties, with frost on the roofs in the mornings. Nothing compared to what you have been having, but don’t forget that this is Paradise, Chamber of Commerce weather every day. When it isn’t, The Bee sort of fudges a little on it, kind of. Everybody knows they’re just kidding, like about the rainfall bar graphs above.

My retired Air Force stepson (USAF) and family have moved to about two blocks away. He was just hired as a guru by a company under contract to IBM. Stepdaughter lives a half mile down the road. Geologist stepson and family live about 20 minutes away, by freeway. We are circling the wagons. When we make our move, Sacramento won’t know what hit it. Especially The Bee. If we all cancel our subscriptions at once, they go bankrupt. Ha!

I will now rush this to the post office, hoping that they have a Saturday pickup. Stamford has been starved for news too long.

Best regards to Anne and Thomas.

Fred C. (“Better Late Than Something Or Other”) Dobbs

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