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March 2011

14 responses to “Discombobulated”

  1. Whatever that word mean..this building is disorganised.. I guess its an abandoned building

  2. What a badly ruined home. This will take so long a time to put it in order. I hope it doesn’t continue to lay in waste.

  3. This is a perfect example of a ruined house. Seems like maybe its a victim of an earthquake or a major disaster.

  4. I guess this house experienced a very bad calamity. I hope it can still be restored though.

  5. It must have been decades since somebody stayed or even visited this house. It needs extreme makeover.

  6. The black and white shade of this photo makes it look mystical. You want to see what could be hidden on the back room.

  7. There are so much stuff scattered everywhere. You wonder even where to start when cleaning it up.

  8. What an eyesore. This is a digesting and badly damaged house. I hope it will not collapse on someone someday.

  9. It looks as if a mini tornado ripped through it. But then again, it’s an abandoned building and I guess years of neglect as well as probably other people who might be looking in that house for things to salvage has made it that way. I don’t think I could live in such chaos.

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