• Darts and Letters

    Typically, I only take receipts for items that might have to be returned, or if it’s an extra-long receipt with a lot of items on it. In leaner years and when I was using cash a lot more, I might’ve requested a grocery receipt, from a budgeting standpoint. Now, not really.

    Plus, at some point I learned that a lot of receipts are coated with BPA/Bisphenol. It’s not like I was eating the paper, but still… So from that standpoint, it was just another reason to not bother taking the receipt. Maybe this was changed over time and now it’s safe to eat the receipts, as well as use them for scratch paper, lol.

    Generally speaking, however, I like your resourcefulness and reuse ethic. E.g., I always keep school-generated-type one-sided handouts for scratch paper, later.

    • Thomas Slatin

      I am reminded of being young, and had my very first job at 16. At the time, I was buying writing notebooks at the dollar store and sourcing pens from the bank whenever I made a deposit. Over the years, I’ve kept my possessions to a minimum. Ironically, even though I own 10 acres and a big house, I’m still a minimalist.

      The receipts that used a dot matrix printer seemed to accept pen ink well, compared to the modern heat-sensitive papers of today. As for the bisphenol A, it seems that in modern times, we cannot escape this chemical. I wonder how many people have endocrine problems because the chemical is used in so many things we come into contact on a daily basis.

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