Arthur S. Covert
112 Front Street
Schenectady NY 12305

October 6, 1986

Dear Frau and Herr Doktor,

Sunday I stepped outside during a window of sunshine planning to do some cycling to find a sale sign in front of the late Mrs Miller’s house next door. Naturally I gave it the once over. They have already had an antique dealer and a book dealer in and they were selling what was left which wasn’t much. Patrick dropped in and bought a leather suitcase but he has a thing about bags. What did you think of his girl friend, does he need a mother figure, maybe one with a car. Anyhow the main thing for sale was a vast heap of drawings and canvasses without frames from an aunt who had taught art at Yale. There were some items that were faintly interesting but when I heard that the same was being run by a dealer I figured something must be wrong with them.

Next came the Flying Tinman of Freeman’s Bridge with a box of what ever he was doing for you which I will bring whenever I visit next. It appears that he had rung the bell during the walkabout and no one was home.

Monday I received a letter from Stephany who had cycled from Rockport to Glouchester which reminded her that I had taught her to ride a bicycle and provided her with vacations at Fire Island and for these things she was grateful. I am tempted to tell her how touched I am that after these years she has found something pleasant to remember our relationship. I think I will just tell her I made the same ride in the rain some fifty years ago.

I forgot if I told you that Father Kirby had announced is retirement but was being very coy about it when and not telling where he was going. I assumed it would be somewhere on the Mediterranean in one of those countries that has those agreeable boys. A poster has appeared in Arthurs announcing a performance at St. Georges by the Organist of the New York Philharmonic of a work called Fenestrae Aeternitas (or something very close), I composed for the occasion of Kirby’s retirement. People who know Latin agree with me that this means Windows on Eternity. I would like to add my bit of graffiti saying, “Apotheosis or Defenestration”. I am watching the chargers playing the SeaHawks. And I feel we have failed to give enough weight to saying “You can live by the Blitz but you can die by the Blitz”, in our commentary.

I have very little to report in the computer area. I have been gathering my energies to attack Modula-2 hopeing that it would give me more space for my dictionary. Results obtained earlier this evening suggest it may give more but not much more space. Actually Modula-2 for the Atrari is a complex joke. I bought it because it was highly recommended by a reviewer who had bought it because it was highly recommended by a reviewer who had apparently programming in C using the $300 developers packet. He thought it was wonderful in the way it accessed GEM. I bought it, it has no index in it’s manual, it occupies two disks filling them almost completely so that writing and compiling anything but the smallest program requires a great deal of disk changing, the Manual says you should know Modula-2 or buy a book, also you should have the manual that comes with the developers package, the real cream of the jest is that the discs have a demo, when you try to run it you get the message ‘runs only with monochrome’, somewhere in the junk they send with it is a note remarking on this and saying it is easy to convert to the color monitor, they do not say how but remark they know a ‘banker’ who did it. In The Hunting or The Snark there is ‘a banker retained at enormous expense. I think he did it. The thing ism if you could run the demo and check its statements you could probably find how to do the conversion. That banker must have gotten past catch 22.

Yours truly,

PS. I have ordered but not received a bunch of software

  1. A spelling corrector
  2. A music maker
  3. A sort of sidekick
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