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Don’t Bail On Me

June 2018

14 responses to “Don’t Bail On Me”

  1. it has already bailed on you because that vehicle is highly stuck in there. I like the greenish surrounding though.

  2. I see this kind of bus everyday on my way to work..I gues the one in the picture is stuck in there..nice photograph

  3. I wonder what happened to that bus and how did it get stuck in there. Poor passengers inside when it got stuck.

  4. Ok, thats a bit strange .. I wasnt expecting to see a bus in the middle of the nothing. I like how creative you are with the topics that you choose

  5. A vehicle abandoned in the middle of no where. The photo looks so natural. This is a good combination of colors.

  6. Looks like an abandoned school bus. It is kinda weird seeing it sitting there in a middle of nowhere. Cool subject though.

  7. this reminds me of a scene from a movie. At that scene, the car first appeared new and when they went into the cave and came out the car became very old and covered in plants just like this.

  8. This is a very creepy scenario and of course i wouldn’t bail. Just one question is everybody in the school bus safe or its just empty. Hmmm…

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