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Don’t Go Upstairs

June 2017

11 responses to “Don’t Go Upstairs”

  1. You try go upstairs, you will find yourself right on the floor with either your head or arms broken. Looks dangerous

  2. Let me go upstairs because their might be a favour their. But going upstair it might result to positive or negative thing just let me have it at the back of my mind.

  3. This staircase is reminiscent of Psycho and definitely invokes fear of walking upstairs. I think beyond the sketchy atmosphere someone could get hurt from a loose nail or other malfunction. I will definitely keep my distance from this building.

  4. Everybody will wanna go up to mean progressing. Forward ever, backward never. Thanks for this brilliant and high quality picture.

  5. You got that right!!! I would not go up there unless I know what awaits. If this was my house then no issue but if not NO WAY!!! This looks scary.

  6. No. I wouldn’t dare go that route, even with the black and white color, it still not inviting enough. Will rather remain down.

  7. I wouldn’t want to go upstairs. The wood might be rotten and would probably collapse in on itself if I tried. Also, the room up there looks rather creepy as hell.

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