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Don’t Think Twice

September 2018

14 responses to “Don’t Think Twice”

  1. The two buildings look very similar to each other from a distance. It’s really easy to be mistaken if you’re not familiar with either one of them.

  2. I prefer the countryside to the hustle and bustle of city life. Everything is so peaceful and easy going.

  3. I love this photograph. To me one of the houses is a church and the other must be the mission house for the presiding priest. Thanks for the perfect shot TOM.

  4. The two houses seemed like only one person owns them. As usual, love abandoned houses. It makes me feel like I want to live in them. Thank you for sharing this!

  5. I look at this more as a metaphor. For me it just means when you decide on anything think long think hard and take the best action. Once you choose a path stick to it all the way. I just see it as that.

  6. Definitely one should think and think again before deciding on the place to live. I believe this is what the photograph is trying to depicts.

  7. is that a farm settlement it looks like one, it just that it has been abandoned by former occupants. Really lovely shot.

  8. You must think a thousand times. before. deciding to do something or before making a decision. It’s very hard to regret at the end.

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