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Dream Until Your Dreams Come True (Alternate Take)

Dream Until Your Dreams Come True (Alternate Take)

May 2019


14 responses to “Dream Until Your Dreams Come True (Alternate Take)”

  1. Really great shot of the bursts of light reflected on that kind of mirror or something there. The emotion I get at the way it lights up the entire room makes me feel like waking up from despair and having renewed hope and dreams for the future.

  2. What a beautifull picture, it makes me think that even in the worst times teres always a light shining, and there’s always hope.

  3. This is should have a deeper meaning than what we see physically. I believe we can always make good of a bad incident in our lives. A thought provoking shot.

  4. I wonder if this photo has a deeper meaning. It could be that even in chaos there is still some little order.

  5. The way the sun is being reflected in this photo creates a really cool effect. The angling of the shot is also very good.

  6. At least it is not as bad as the previous couch? Is this the same seat just a different angle? In any case its a wreck.

  7. I’m thinking of how you came up with the title. However, the title is a motivation for every individual. We all have dreams.

  8. Maybe its just me but I don’t know how the title correlate with the picture.. I don’t understand

  9. The picture looks lonely and sad. All those shattered glasses on the floor is really sad to look at.

  10. At first glance the picture looks side. But it was great capturing the light scattering. I love it!

  11. I love the light reflected from the mirror and captured by the picture really awesome. I did not understand though the dream part as the couch seems destroyed and desolate.

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