Earl Howser
Sacramento, California

14 February 1986

Dear Tom:

Word has reached me that you have been in touch with one Fred C. Dobbs, under the name of Pete Rizzo. I think this is very dangerous for you. Rizzo always claimed that you set him up in that jewel heist, and swore he would get revenge. I hear that he has saved enough money making license plates to have a contract put out on you. If he heard that you were using his name, I don’t think anybody could help you.

Since you got out, I hear that you have gone straight, and that is very good news. I also hear that you have learned to use a word-processor. It is always good to have new skills in case a job opening comes along at the Brooklyn Union Gas Co. I could put a word in there for you. The corporate attorney is a close friend.

But the real purpose of writing this letter is warn you about this Dobbs person. Since he moved to Sacramento, he has developed a very bad reputation as a trouble-maker. As you know, he once mined gold in Mexico, and lost everything. Since then he has apparently never abandoned the idea of maing it big again in gold. You may remember that he got the money to finance himself and two others–Howard and Curtin–by winning a lottery prize. California now has a public lottery, and this Dobbs person is plunging heavily on tickets. Recently he went to the main office here and demanded to be allowed to buy one-quarter of a ticket. He claimed this was how he won the first time, and it was a lucky type of ticket. He was refused, and attempted to wreck the office, and was jailed. He said he had wrecked bars in TAmpico for less, as as a “fellow American” he should be allowed to buy any kind of ticket he wanted. It turns out that he is still in touch with this Howard (who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico under the name of Hartog or Hurzig or something like that) and Curtin, who lives in New Jersey under the name of Art Gernie or Kerny. My advice to you is to forget all of them, especially Dobbs. Keep your record as clean as it is, and stop using Rizzo’s name.

I hope you understand that this letter is written with your best interests in mind. I would hate to see you lose your present job, even if it is only cleaning beakers and test tubes, because of a misguided association with Dobbs.



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