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Elbert Hubbard Quote

“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” —Elbert Hubbard

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  1. Nice quote, life is flexible, life is easy and I believe it should be lived with a while lot of simplicity… Never take it too hard

  2. This is exactly true. If one is too serious with life or if one is too flamboyant in life then one does not really enjoy the ride of life. Enjoy is and spend it the most relevant way.

  3. This is so true! Life is too short to always stress out over different details. It’s okay to let loose once in a while.

  4. It sounds quite funny at first but when you consider it, the quote has some deep meaning. Its hard to enjoy life if you take it too serious.

  5. Life is too short not to live the most of it. One must live up to his passion in life for him not to regret anything at all.

  6. So true, I have got to the point where I don’t know when people is making me a joke because I take all serious.

  7. Sometimes when we are too serious it takes away the human aspect in us. Its better to look at the light of side.

  8. You are speaking to me I try not to get work up over issues I can’t really settle. I leave it for nature to run its course.

  9. This is so true.. I shake my head whenever I see people that take life too seriously.. If only they know that everything is vanity

  10. This quote is absolutely true. Sometimes it’s better to just live without thinking too much about everything.

  11. The quote really strikes a chord with me. Kindly share more quotes like these. Thanks so much.

  12. Life is for the living. A dead person can’t live life to the fullest, so I try to live by my parameters and it has been working just fine.

  13. They have that same quote in Van Wilder!! It’s a good, cheerful sentiment. Sometimes you gotta give yourself a break and appreciate what you have instead of always putting yourself high on a pedestal. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Haha, this quote reminds of me in campus. This is what every guy would tell you whenever you got very serious.

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