Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.  –Eleanor Roosevelt

18 thoughts on “Eleanor Roosevelt Quote

  1. Words on Mable. I keep on pondering on these words anytime I come across them. It is just the truth

  2. A great categorization of the different kinds of minds we have. I hope I am in the great minds category.

  3. The quote teaches us who we should associate with. That would be people with great minds no doubt.

  4. Albeit simple in its structure, this quote conveys such a strong and true message. It is the idea makers that change the world!

  5. This definite ELEANOR ROOSEVELT quote talks about reality. The reality of what real people are in different levels.

  6. I agree this is why as much as possible I stay away from negative people. I love discourse though as long as it does not turn toxic that is. Why resort to toxicity if we can all be better.

  7. The small minds people are people we should keep far away. They only discuss what isn’t their business. Very weird people

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