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Emily Dickinson Quote


“There is no first, or last in Forever – It is Centre, there, all the time.” —Emily Dickinson

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  1. whoever and whatever stays is the one matters. It doesn’t matter who comes first and who comes last.

  2. Forever doesn’t give meaning who comes first and last. The most important who stays with you “till death do us part” as the saying goes.

  3. I believe so too. I think the centre holds better,than anything at the first or rear. I prefer a thing that holds better which is mostly in the centre.

  4. Forever is infinite but the lives of who or what is in it is. That itself is a limit not to the concept of time but ti us. I guess there cannot be a forever after all but we can have a lifetime.

  5. Our minds can’t wrap around how infinite forever is. This quote does a good job explaining it.

  6. I agree with this quote. When talking about forever, first or last doesn’t matter as everything will always be there!

  7. Forever is such an abstract concept to understand. This is mostly because as humans we are doomed by mortality.

  8. I can’t make any meaning out of this quote..the end game of the writer is something I can’t wrap my brain around

  9. It’s the journey that really matters. The beginning and ending doesn’t really give an impact. It’s the journey all through out

  10. There is nothing that’s first forever or last forever. What was first today maybe the last tomorrow, but there will always be a middle one.

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