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Empty Dreams Can Only Disappoint

Empty Dreams Can Only Disappoint


10 responses to “Empty Dreams Can Only Disappoint”

  1. I love pink flowers for it is what my woman prefer as gift. Nice and clean photo from you Tom.

  2. Is this orchid endemic to your place? I am not aware that there is an orchid this small. Thank you so much for these.

  3. Beautiful shot Tom, and as per the tittle I agree with you… Empty dreams can take you to nowhere.

  4. I love pink though it looks feminine but I still love anyways. Dream not natured dies. Nice caption

  5. I adore the pink colour as it gives me the feeling of feminism. It is such a lovely captions.

  6. Empty dreams is like not giving what it takes to succeed in once dream. Lovely flower, pink looks good.

  7. What a very fine and beautiful flower. Thank you for this photo. It inspires me to do better today.

  8. True but that is only if you allow it. I believe that dreams are curses until they are realized. Now whether it succeeds or fails depends on our hands.

  9. I just love flowers and the story behind it especially the blooming ones. Let our dreams be as beautiful as them

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