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Empty Inside


October 2015

25 responses to “Empty Inside”

  1. Oh! definitely it is expected to be empty inside, this building is no longer standing. What can anyone probably do with or inside it.

  2. Yeah, I can see to the inside…it’s empty, there’s nothing in it. I wonder if this place before, with the size of the place that is not extensive.

  3. Like this house, sometimes I feel empty. The feeling that there is something missing in my life. I always ask my self, “what is that I don’t have?” Up to this point in life I still feel the emptiness and I’m hoping that someday I could fill that emptiness in me.

  4. This hut will soon give way but I like the background where it is. It looks like where I will like to take a rest. It really cool.

  5. Truly empty inside. What happened there? The photographer has captured that picture well though.

  6. I hope nothing bad happened with the person living inside this house. It looks so creepy. I am having a goosebumps just by looking at the picture.

  7. I don’t see this structure come up again, going to be forgotten for good. I love the effect, so perfect for the purpose.

  8. Wood structures are always easily abandoned, it doesn’t take forever to break down. I love this environment, so cool.

  9. The whole place look deserted like a desert and the little structure In there is a verge of collapse. Good photography work.

  10. Some animals must have made this their habitat by now. I wouldn’t risk setting my foot inside.

  11. I can only imagine how dark this entire place must look at night. It would be a scary scene.

  12. I hope this little shelter can be repaired. It’s good to have a little hideout in a place like this.

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