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The Endless Pursuit Of Perfection

On September 13, 2013, Dane Dormio posted this list of A Few Things Wrong With Our Society.  While the list is by no means complete, it does however, exclude one common problem in modern society.  Society itself has an overwhelming problem with the endless pursuit of perfection.  Tracy Lynn Tobin mentions this ideal with her blog post, Perfection Is Meaningless If It Is Never Seen.


In modern society, there is simply too much focus on perfection.  Every time I turn on my television set, all I see are celebrities who spend their entire existence trying to be perfect, and expecting nothing less.  Is this the kind of image that is healthy to society?  One in which we are all expected to be perfect in every way?

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    • Now THAT is a very interesting point. Though at the same time, there exists a fine line that differentiates the two, regardless of how blurry or ignored it may become.

  1. Thanks for the link-back, Tom. 🙂

    This is definitely a big problem in society that I hope to help my daughter get through unscathed. I spent a lot of my younger teenage years thinking that I was fat because of the ideals pressed on us by the media. When I looked back at picture of myself from that time many years later I was shocked…I was so THIN! I’d never looked better, and yet I genuinely believed that I was fat.

    Outside forces can be very powerful on a person’s psyche. Sad, but true.

    • Hey Tracy! With respect to the fact that we are both married happily, I am however, inclined to let you know that from the pictures I have seen of you on your blog that you turned out just fine. Don’t change a thing. 🙂

  2. Great point, Tom!
    This is such a problem in our society, and there have been so many people who have tried to take on this issue and improve the perception of ourselves, as well as our bodies for the last decade. Dove is doing great things to help women with their body image, there are numerous highly successful plus sized models, and I was so delighted to see Gap featuring child models with Down’s Syndrome. Tracy makes a very good point- a lot of this is being, perhaps unconsciously, placed on women in their formidable years. The article you highlight is speaking more to the pursuit of perfect in all of us. My husband and I have taught our children to do their best and if done so, we will always be proud of them.

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