Exploring A Ghost Train

  • April 2, 2008

Two Train Cars

Along US Route 209 in Hurley, New York, sits a series of railroad coaches and freight cars. These were the same cars that used to travel the Ulster and Delaware Railroad throughout the Catskills during the early tourism days.

Railroad To Hell

This section of track shows the effect years of disrepair and neglect can have on a railroad line. The good news is that the rail cars will likely not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Empty Train Car (1)

Empty Train Car (2) Vacant Passenger Car (1) Vacant Passenger Car (2) Intact Passenger Car (1) Intact Passenger Car (2) Intact Passenger Car (4) Intact Passenger Car (5) Messy Passenger Car (1) Messy Passenger Car (3) Messy Passenger Car (4)

Whenever you look through old railroad cars, you never know what you might find. Retired passenger rail cars are used for all kinds of things. Here a homeless person has placed a cot in the old rail car and made it their place of temporary residence.

Kitchen From Doorway Kitchen (1)

Kitchen (2)

One of the end cars happened to be a food service car. Although the tables and seats were missing, the kitchen was, much to my surprise, mostly intact.

The truth is that I’m just flat-out fascinated with railroads and their history. Here are a handful of other photos taken by others of this line of railway cars…
Car #2 (Dining Car – Kitchen), Car #1, Car #2 (Dining Car), Rotten Ride, Abandoned Passenger Coaches

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