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October 2019

16 responses to “Fallen”

  1. They say a sad song can say so much. A fallen leaf in autumn is just like a sad song. It says so much. It says Good-bye and Hello. I know that sounds corny. But it’s true.

  2. I’m impressed at how professional looking this photo is. It looks like a pullout from a nature magazine. Great job as usual Thomas!

  3. Yes as I take this could mean a lot of things. Loss, defeat? Even death. Well, for me that is just how life works. If you fall just go back up and live your best. For true failure comes only when you stop trying.

  4. Every being has a time to fall, wither and be forgotten. It is high time we keep ourselves productive before the day comes.

  5. A fallen life…was once useful for photosynthesis but now useless. that’s how life is. Great output Tom, you brought life to this dead leave

  6. A fallen hero is a hero that failed and died. The follower picture connotes a lot. Thanks for sharing this neat job picture.

  7. Yes fallen from the season and showing it has moved pass there. I think this is the explanation for this photo by me.

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