Arthur S. Covert
112 Front Street
Schenectady, NY 12305

April 3, 1986

Dear Herr und Frau Doctor,

Just to keep you abreast. Father Kirby has announced his coming retirment. He is only waiting for a succesor to be chosen. The Gazette had a long article on all the honors he has received, the most recent was when he wa made a Knight of Malta, a group that has been noted for sodomy since 1045, or so the Popes have always claimed, of course the Swiss Guard has a reptuation too. My guess is he will go to Rome, certainly to Italy.

The book store has been closed for weeks. The sign says they are remodelling, someone said they ar going out of business.

We had a record flood, but only a few inches higher than our usual winter’s end flood, but only a few inches higher than our usual winter’s end flood. It came up ery fast and went down even faster, but neighboring area above nd below us on the Mohawk were damaged severely. For instance The Gay Valley Airport showed only the hangar roof above water.

The computer now has it’s operating system on RO, it’s second disk drive, a Modula-2 compile, DB Master (a data base program that was supposed to come with the machine but which got lost in the shop), and Micro-C Shell. All of this happened this week. I haven’t really had a chance to look at it all. Modula-2 may be just like Pascal but the whole schmeer looks complicated. The DB-Master came without documentation, I think it was lost in the shop, it had extensive help files, or so it seemed until I separate them from the program and printed them, then they don’t seem very adequate. It is fun to try to guess what a program does but I’ve had enough of it in my time. I am still enjoying the DEGAS program that makes pictures.

The BB on which Stanley flourished went off the air. This week two reasons have been given:

  1. The Sysop got tired of keeping it going.
  2. Vile creatures downlaoded files that clobbered the hard disk.

I suspect that the disk may have been clobbered by accident. I have seen no evidence on any board of the kind of intelligence required to do this. Stanley’s Rumor had a few ripples after he and I left it alone and then died out completely. Stanley tried to start a literary debate comparing the stature of Robert Henlein and Edgar Rice Burroughs as writers, philosophers, moralists, political thinkers. He didn’t get a nibble. Possible reason, Rickon the poet announced he was going on a journey with an uncertain destination, this sounded almost suicidal, we crossed our fingers, then in another message he said he would be back in a week or two after undergoing great trials and pains, my guess now was a course of electroshocks, or a hemmerhoid operation. Most likely the latter or maybe tonsils. The boards seem to be less and less active. I am sure Stanley could stir things up but not I.

This is keeping me rom my tax preparation, really it’s chief motivation.

Yours truly,
Arthur S. Covert

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