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“Semper Pothegdus!”

February 5, 1989

Dear Tommy,

Just a brief note to transmit the promised videotape, and to acknowledge the portrait of Thomas and your FAX number. I assume that the portrait is the work of the FAX device, and I must say it is a quality product.

You may rest assured that nothing from me will ever appear on your FAX machine. I tried to invent this piece of hardware about twenty years ago, including a buffering system.that would minimize long-distance line charges, and nobody would pay any attention to me. So, I invented four-wheel steering instead. I never could parallel park. Now, all I have to do is pull up beside a space that my Herzogomobile will fit into, flip a switch. and roll sideways until I bump the curb. Write for brochure.

Thomas has the look of a mischievous — some might say smart-aleck’ — youngster. The eyes and the toothy grin give him away. My guess is that he was looking over your shoulder, when you snapped the picture, at the pail of water he had balanced on top of the door to your studio, anticipating your astonishment when you dashed from studio to darkroom. He seems to have the same hairdresser as Oprah Winfrey. Tell me I am mistaken.

I was going to send you a copy of the program for “MAN WHO,” but I don’t have one. I am the old fart in the brown Harris Tweed jacket.

Love to All,


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