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August 2019

18 responses to “Filament”

  1. Unreal!! This flower looks like it came from a magical garden. I’ve never seen such beautiful pedals so rich in colour.

  2. Nice photography shot taken there boss. The flower looks week though from my own view. Thanks for this post.

  3. Quality is superb no question on that. However, the subject looks dying. I know it is a matter of perspective as others find beauty in chaos, destruction and death but to me I would rather go for life, positivity. brightness etc.

  4. Though I love the pictures of flowers but this didn’t really do it for me but it was still a good shot. Good one there.

  5. That flower doesn’t look like a natural one could that be a plastic flower. All the same its still a beautiful one.

  6. My love for flowers is just as same as the bees. I’m always attracted to them. Good shot.

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