Fire Hydrant

August 2009

18 thoughts on “Fire Hydrant

  1. Black and white effect gives the subject a heavy effect. The hard textures on the photo is clearly seen.

  2. The black and white of this fire hydrant is still okay though I used to prefer it when it red as usual.

  3. That’s a rugged fire hydrant! You can really appreciate its bold structure when you’re this up close.

  4. Now this is an old reliable that is still used to this day. To be honest I do not know what makes it tick but it helps firefighters so it is very important.

  5. ery unusual topic, I like it very muchand I think the fact the picture is black and white makes it look very cool.

  6. Wow, This is a great shot. I love the way you have focused on the fire hydrant bringing out every detail.

  7. Did it just rain when you took the picture? I absolutely love the rain, just the sounds and sights of it make me feel very relaxed.

  8. Its a great shot, that makes you appreciate how strong and old the fire hydrant is. Very outstanding one.

  9. Amazing shot you’ve got. It highlights every detail of the fire hydrant in black and white. Just great!

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