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Forgotten Tiny Barn


April 2015

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17 responses to “Forgotten Tiny Barn”

  1. The barn does look forgotten, all alone in the forest. But you had a great shot of the barn, the tress, the sky all makes a good potrait.

  2. Forgotten sounds about right!!! This shot is a bit depressing to be honest. The fact that it is within a forest I assume and alone makes it that more sad. If it could talk I bet it will say the same thing.

  3. Yes, you capture this well. Of course when there’s food to stock in the barn. It will be forgotten.

  4. This picture reminds me of old people. After fighting through every obstacle and hardship imaginable, including neglect, they’re still standing. Maybe not as charming and graceful as they once were, but still having a presence to be awed.
    And the stories they all could tell!
    Love the filters you use in your works by the way. Very nice choices.

  5. The barn looks overlooked, in solitude in the woods. Be that as it may, you had an incredible shot.

  6. It doesn’t seem right to me that the barns that can be so useful to people are forgotten, are traditionally necessary.

  7. The tiny little barn looks great especially with such a color combination. I go for a shot like this anytime.

  8. Am sure this photography work is been captured using the drone camera. Good work man. The hurt is really neat, so why the abandonment.

  9. A forgotten and abandoned barn in the valley. Lovely serene surroundings with colourful flowers; thanks to the effect from Thomas creativity shot

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