Former Stafford Farm Urbex (1)

Ever since my first visit to the former Stafford Farm, there was something that kept calling me back to this place.  It became a fascination of sorts to photograph what was still left of this place before it is inevitability torn down.  These pictures of the former Stafford Farm were taken in April of 2015.

Former Stafford Farm Urbex (2)

13 thoughts on “Former Stafford Farm Urbex

  1. This is a ghost town.. I think the government should revamp the farm..just my thought through

  2. It really looks so inviting and warm. It’s also a lace I’d want to go back to, if there was still enough time.

  3. I will have really loved to view that first photo spot physically. I love spots like that. These look standard photos.

  4. This is the cutest picture I’ve seen online for a very long time. Its simply out of this world.

  5. Oh wow, these shots looks amazing, especially the first one. This is some real talent right here.

  6. The pathway leading to the house looks so beautiful! I can see why you were so fond of this place.

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